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Product Description BEARD DISPOSABLES - 1000 PuffEvolving in an era where the industry is dominated by convenient, portable, and easy-to-use disposabl..

Product Description


Evolving in an era where the industry is dominated by convenient, portable, and easy-to-use disposable vapes, BEARD Disposables were finally unleashed under the popular BEARD Vape brand, which uses the RYSE disposable device. These guys have produced some of the industry's biggest hit flavors, and now the delicious flavors you've come to know and love are now available in a pocket-friendly, on-the-go, RYSE Disposable vaporizer.

The BEARD Disposables have a lot to offer, including the mouthwatering flavors that once took the market by storm. Each disposable device offers a slim design, marveled looks, and additional features that will keep you vaping with multiple sessions. The pre-filled pods contain 1.3ml of salt nicotine vape juice that provides upwards of 50mg. Pre-charged with a 550mAh battery, you will experience all that the BEARD Disposables have to offer, including the six deliciously crafted flavors.



Take a tropical dive into a brilliant set of flavors that are sure to please the taste buds. Pineapple Orange Tangerine Ice is a trio of tropical fruit flavors, all designed to come together synergistically to create a magical experience that resembles a piece of paradise. To complete the fascinating experience, a chilling layer of menthol is added to ensure your tastes are refreshed with each puff.


Generating one of the fruitiest, smoothest, most refreshing vapes you've ever had, this Strawberry Kiwi Ice flavor is a true knock-out when it comes to taste. Every moment you spend with this disposable, you'll be overwhelmed with delicious flavor, start to end. It offers freshly picked strawberries meshed with the tangiest of kiwis, then coated with just the right amount of icy menthol to create a cool summertime vape for those anytime moments.


There are several flavors on the market that truly stand out to be unique, and this Cinnamon Funnel Cake flavor is definitely one of them. Cinnamon flavors are hard to make perfect but luckily BEARD Vape has already perfected it. The tasty flavor consists of buttery, deep-fried funnel cake that has been lightly layered with cinnamon sugar. It's the perfect mix of funnel cake and cinnamon sugar to have you wanting more and more.


Why settle with just blueberry when you can add lemonade to the mix? Blueberry Lemonade is a flavor that has the fruitiness of delicious blueberries and the sweet n' sour of lemonade. It's a beverage flavor type vape that truly recreates the scene by offering a vape experience that tastes like you are in vape heaven.


With this little gem, you'll be able to splash your taste buds with one of the market's greatest flavors. It's Apple Ice, a freshly picked tart granny smith apple created in a vape form, then smothered with just the right amount of menthol for a cool vapor that freshens the mouth. Every part of this apple flavor is pleasing, and the cooling effects on your oral senses will have you wanting to revisit time and time again.

BEARD Disposables are some of the best disposable devices available on the market. They are made to be comfortable and convenient, while still offering high capacity and quality 50mg salt nicotine. The delicious flavors that are packed into each device is merely a bonus that you receive with every puff.

Puff Count: 1000 Puffs

Milliliter: 1.3ML

Nicotine Strength: 50mg

Nicotine Type: Salt Nicotine

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