Chocolate by Milk King 100ml

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Product Description Chocolate by Milk King 100mlMilk King Chocolate E-juice ReviewDive into a silky smooth treat with Chocolate by Milk King. Followin..

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Product Description

Chocolate by Milk King 100ml

Milk King Chocolate E-juice Review

Dive into a silky smooth treat with Chocolate by Milk King. Following their new line of milk flavors, they have given us a warm reminder of the delightful cup of chocolate milk we will sip as kids during chilly winter days. Chocolate flavors are difficult to accurately recreate, however Milk King vape juice has been successfully executed for your vaping pleasure. 

Upon inhaling a wave of rich, velvety smooth chocolate will flood your palate, sending your sweet tooth into euphoria followed by an exhale of a familiar soothing milk that is both creamy and sweet. This vape juice has taken the classic chocolate milk flavor and turned it into a vape juice that you'll want to puff on all day long. As you exhale, the milky base will combine with the velvety chocolate flavor to create an out-of-this-world chocolate milk vape juice!

DripMore E-Liquids have found a way to bring their loyal customers all of the milky flavor treats that they have ever wanted. This vape juice brand doesn't just make amazing milky flavored vape juices, they also have an entire candy vape juice line called Candy King. Along with Candy King, DripMore has created the lines, Cookie King, Tropic King, and quite a few more. 

Milk King Chocolate will give you the ability to indulge in the delicious flavor of chocolate milk all day long. This vape juice will surely have you puffing on it as your go to vape juice!

Flavor Profile: Chocolate, Milk

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30

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