Juucy Model X and Model S Disposable Vape

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Product Description Juucy Model X and Model S Disposable VapePlanting its roots deep within the landscape of the disposable market, the Juucy Disposab..

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Product Description

Juucy Model X and Model S Disposable Vape

Planting its roots deep within the landscape of the disposable market, the Juucy Disposable Vape seems to have a promising future. The Model X and Model S Disposable Vape feature a long list of delicious flavors, and they're all backed by two devices that were built and developed to provide a great experience. Boasting a compact design that makes it extremely portable, a capacity that provides lengthened sessions, and a performance that makes you fall in love with vaping all over again, there isn't anything quite like the experience you gain from these disposables.

What are Juucy Disposable Vapes? The Juucy Disposable Vape is available in two options, giving you the choice between slender and sleek or bold and busty. The Model X is compact, lightweight, and extremely portable. Despite its small size, it sports an integrated 950mAh battery and a 6mL vape juice capacity using 5% (50mg) salt nicotine, providing upwards of 1600 puffs per unit. On the other hand, the Model S features a slimmer design, allowing enough room to house an integrated 650mAh battery and a 4mL vape juice capacity using 5% (50mg) salt nicotine, which gives way to as many as 1000 puffs per unit. Both devices have a whole range of delicious flavors to choose from, stretching from Bahama Mama to a complex blend of mint and tobacco.

Juucy Disposable Vape Flavor Review

Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama is one of the most extraordinary flavors you've come across yet. It provides a perfect vape from the time you take your first puff. While there are many vape flavors to try, this one will become your favorite. Experience this new all-day vape and enjoy the magical flavor combination.


Doublemint is a classic flavor that everyone knows and loves. This extraordinary flavor will bring you back to a time when you remember chewing on Doublemint bubblegum. It offers a super sweet and satisfying experience that will surely please you and become an all-day vape.

Frozen Grape

Frozen Grape is a tasty flavor concoction that will definitely thrill and chill your mouth like no other. From the first puff to the very last, you'll be able to instantly explore a mouthwatering blend of grapes and a chilled flavor of menthol, leaving you with a refreshing taste you can enjoy anytime.

Frozen Pineapple

Frozen Pineapple is an awesome blend of flavors that refreshes your tastes. It is a refreshing flavor to experience, as it consists of pineapples and menthol. It is an extraordinary blend that will go down in history as one of your all-time favorite vape flavors.

Lush Ice

Lush Ice is an amazing vape that will keep you coming back time after time. This incredible concoction of flavors has become a classic in the vaping industry due to its unique flavor. It brings together mouthwatering watermelons and a bone-chilling blend of menthol.


Mangorita is an exciting mixture of flavors that will help you live life to the fullest. This tasty vape brings together the intoxicating taste of a margarita and blends it with mangoes, delivering a satisfying taste from start to finish. It's a true all-day vape that we cannot wait for you to try.


Melonberry is an extraordinary flavor that will definitely keep your taste buds enthused. It offers an exceptional taste and your airways will be filled with layers of delicious melon flavor, leaving you satisfied to the fullest. Experience the amazing taste and let your imagination run wild.


Mintberry is another great vape blend that everyone can get down with. It offers a super sweet and cool flavor that coats your mouth and leaves you with a refreshing taste anytime. From the time you take your very first puff, this outstanding flavor will go down as one of your favorites.

Very Juucyberry

Very Juucyberry presents a fabulous vape that we're sure anyone would love to experience. It brings you a range of tastes, giving you a complex flavor that will keep you coming back to enjoy more. If you are looking for a new flavor to add to your collection, this is it.


Kiwiberry will easily become one of the greatest flavors you've ever had a chance to try. You will quickly begin to see why so many people rave about this flavor with just one puff. It offers a delicious taste, which coats your mouth with flavor. It is a true winner you won't believe is so good.

Juucy Fruit

Juucy Fruit will remind you of one of your favorite chewy treats. It is filled with that sugary taste combined with a fruity flavor that will leave your mouth watering. Each time you take a puff, your mouth is coated with loads of flavor and you exhale delicious plumes of vapor.


Mintobacco is an extraordinary mixture of tastes that all fans of tobacco flavors will enjoy. This amazing blend brings you a satisfying taste that is a fusion of sweet and refreshing mint and classic tobacco, leaving your taste buds thoroughly pleased from start to finish.


Clear is the perfect name to describe the taste you receive, as this fascinating flavor is all about the taste of a cool and clean menthol vape. When you take a puff, your mouth will be overloaded with a cool and refreshing taste that clears your airways and satisfy you.

Banana Berry

Banana Berry brings together your favorite berry flavor with the sweet and satisfying taste of bananas. It is an all-day vape that we're thrilled for you to try. This delicious concoction will continue to linger in your mouth and urge you to continue to try even more.

Big Apple

Big Apple is an exciting vape juice blend that recreates the taste of your favorite apple juice beverage. The flavor is perfectly crafted, recreating that same taste, which fills your airways with tons of apple flavor deliciousness. If you're looking for a pleasing taste, this is it.

Cherry Berry

Cherry Berry is another crowd favorite that we're sure you'll think highly of. Using your favorite berry flavor and the delicious taste of juicy cherries, there is nothing more pleasing than this vape. If you want a new flavor to add to your collection that you can enjoy anytime, you've met your match.

Fiji Fruit

Fiji Fruit best describes this extraordinary blend. It uses a mix of Fiji fruits and blends them to create one of the most amazing flavor experiences you've ever had. From the first puff, until you experience your very last, you'll enjoy loads of tropical tastes that are too good to resist.

Frozen Peach

Frozen Peach is an astonishing mixture that everyone will enjoy. This is an exciting concoction boasting the most satisfying taste. If you are looking for a vape to awaken your tastes, this fusion of peaches and menthol will certainly do it. It is a refreshing peach flavor everyone can get behind.

Frozen Banana

Frozen Banana offers you an immense flavor experience that will eliminate any dull tastes you may have had in the past. You wouldn't believe how exciting this flavor is. It combines an awesome flavor of bananas and cool menthol, creating a banana popsicle-like vape.

Very Juucyberry

Very Juucyberry is an awesome flavor that anyone would enjoy. It presents a solid vape that you'll easily come to know and love as one of your favorites. This amazing blend of flavors will coat your mouth and continue to linger as your taste buds continue to soak them up, prolonging the enjoyment.

Puff Count: 1600 Puffs

Milliliter: 4ML

Nicotine Strength: 50mg

Nicotine Type: Salt Nicotine

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