NIIN Air Disposable Vape 2000 Puffs

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Product Description NIIN Air Disposable Vape 2000 PuffsStepping into yet another direction to expand its portfolio and provide a range of alternative ..

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Product Description

NIIN Air Disposable Vape 2000 Puffs

Stepping into yet another direction to expand its portfolio and provide a range of alternative nicotine products, NIIN has now developed a new disposable vaping device to add to its growing arsenal of products. The new addition aims to provide satisfying synthetic nicotine to eliminate cravings, ultra-convenience to make the process of vaping effortless, and deliver top-notch performance to ensure you enjoy every second of it. It doesn't get any better than the NIIN Air Disposable Vape.

What are NIIN Air Disposables? The NIIN Air Disposable Vape is an extraordinary vaping device that has just made its way onto the market carrying the NIIN branding. It is a part of a growing arsenal of brands and products that have been developed by the popular manufacturing company, Streamline Vape Co., which is the same ones behind famed brands such as Juice Head, Khali Vapors, Tab Premium Salts, Bams Cannoli, and NIIN Zero Tobacco Nicotine Pouches.

The NIIN Air Disposable Vape comes in looking to offer a superior level of convenience, performance, and quality for its customers by providing a large capacity, performance adjustments, and a small collection of dialed-in flavor formulations. The device comes equipped with a large integrated battery and is pre-filled with 50mg of tobacco-free nicotine salt. You can expect upwards of 2000 puffs per device, along with features like a draw-activated firing mechanism, adjustable bottom airflow control, and some of the most dazzling flavors.

NIIN Air Disposable Vape Flavor Review


Presenting a delicious concocted flavor that you can appreciate anytime, this fascinating blend is just what you've been craving. It provides a perfect pairing that consists of strawberries and watermelon, offering you a mouthwatering vape that can easily turn into a favorite.

Peach Chill

Sharing a deliciously refreshing vape, this fascinating flavor will definitely act as one of those go-to flavors that you just cannot live without. It blends a juicy peach flavor with a hint of menthol to deliver quite the tasty flavor experience. If you're looking for an all-day vape, it doesn't get any better than this.

Mango Chill

Boasting a frigid taste that is sure to chill your taste buds, this duo blend quickly becomes one of your all-time favorites. It meshes together a tropical mango flavor with a splash of menthol, giving you just the right amount of 'chill' to present a cool and tasty tropical vape.

Banana Chill

There isn't any monkeying around when it comes to this vape juice blend, as it offers you the perfect mix of flavors. It consists of a ripened banana flavor that has been infused with an ice-cold menthol, sharing a chilling banana flavor that continues to linger on your tastes.

Blue Razz

This tasty vape will be sure to please as it offers that classic blue razz tastes everyone has come to know and appreciate. It is a legendary duo flavor that combines blueberry and raspberry into one, creating an all-day vape that you won't want to be without. There is a reason why most manufacturers incorporate this blend into their lineups.

Guava Chill

Ensuring you receive the finest vaping experience, this tantalizing mixture of flavors is all that you will crave for some time to come. It sports a delicious blend of exotic guava flavor and a chilling addition of menthol, leaving your mouth engulfed with the most fascinating taste.

Puff Count: 2000 Puffs

Milliliter: N/A

Nicotine Strength: 50mg

Nicotine Type: Tobacco Free Nicotine

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