Oro Disposable Bar

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Product Description ORO Bar DisposableSink your tongue in a mixing pot of many vape juice flavors made by gifted mixers in the ORO laboratory. Each de..

Product Description

ORO Bar Disposable

Sink your tongue in a mixing pot of many vape juice flavors made by gifted mixers in the ORO laboratory. Each device stores about 5% of salt nicotine with a lip-smacking flavor to dazzle your taste buds for a more pleasing experience. Their selection ranges from fruit, fruity soda, and mentholated flavors so if any of these meet your criteria then you are obviously looking in the right place.

ORO Bar Disposable Flavor Review

Blue Raz

Any candy shop’s top seller, yes you guessed it, sweet ole blue raspberry. A hard candy to bend over backward for now formed into a vape juice for you to indulge in without the consequences of getting cavities. On the inhale you’ll get the lush notes of tart blue raspberry blending with the candy tones of your typical hard candy. On the exhale the two opposites attract and create the perfect balance of sweet and tart harmonizing on its way out. Now, how about that? Guilt and dentist free I tell ya! 

Orange Soda

A tangy soda delight on a sunny day sounds pretty great right now if you ask me. Now imagine that moment captured and liquified into the perfect vape juice. That’s right, Orange Soda will give you that slight bubbly feel while carrying the exquisite taste of tang and citrus from the orange throughout the inhale, as well as the exhale. 

Pineapple Soda

This flavor means business, sweet, and tart pineapple with a kick of bubbly goodness. It tastes even better due to the pull you get while taking a hit from your device. On the inhale, the smooth hit of vapor will slowly leak out layering your tongue with juicy pineapple to enlighten your starving taste buds. As you exhale the remaining taste of pineapple will drift by introducing a brief feel of soda leaving your mouth.

Cherry Lemonade

Step right up and get your cherry on. If you are a die heart cherry lover, you are missing out by not giving this flavor a try. Tart cherry lemonade to seduce those taste buds within seconds on the inhale and the exhale delivering you a fusion of bitter, tart, and citrus all at once. Talk about a flavor bomb.

Berry Mix

Your favorite mixtures of berry flavor give you a beautiful combination of sweet, tart, and earthy all in one puff. What makes this experience even more exciting is the smooth hit that ORO devices have to mimic the pull that you desire the most. The mixed pick of berries will drench your tongue in a colorful range of flavors on the inhale and exhale. You’ll be left feeling completely bamboozled on how much flavor this really packs.

Frozen Banana

Think of a smoothie with straight banana, all banana, nothing but banana. On the inhale it's the sweetened creaminess of banana flowing onto your tongue giving it what almost feels like a once in a lifetime deal. On the exhale the chilled breeze of lush menthol will hit the back of your throat and run a cool line as it leaves your mouth. With the two of these flavors combined it’ll be almost impossible to not be hooked.

Mango Lychee

Sweet savory mango and lip-smacking lychee nectar drizzled onto your tongue ever so slightly as you draw in small clouds of vapor. This duo is trouble and they’re crushing any sweet tooth that is causing you nothing but pain. On the inhale it's nearly like biting right into a fresh mango as all the juices gush right into your mouth. On the exhale, succulent blasts of lychee will mix their way with the mango crafting one flavorful moment.

Strawberry Blueberry

Sun-kissed strawberry and freshly harvested blueberry crafted for your enjoyment. I mean come on, who doesn’t love a perfectly ripened strawberry or tart blueberry here and there. Especially if these are in a fruit salad it’s like the ultimate combo for your taste buds to bathe in. On the inhale, the blueberry will lightly layer across your tongue as the sweet taste of strawberries smothers itself with the blueberry. As you exhale the two flavors leave a delicious aftertaste each and every time you hit your pen.

Cool Mint

Bold and straight mint here to revitalize your starving taste buds in no time. All it takes is just one pull and boom your golden. Sweet and bone-chilling mint rushing over your tongue towards the back of your throat sends chills down your spine throughout the inhale and exhale.

Apple Ice

The closest thing you can find to having a chilled glass of apple juice along with a gentle touch of sweet sweet vapor. You’ll get a smack of crisp apple carrying right across your tongue on the inhale. A winter breeze of menthol will glide towards the back of your throat stinging your throat lightly in a mint mist of everlasting pleasure.

Lush Ice

Chilled watermelon will splash right onto your tongue drenching it in sweet juicy flavor on the inhale. As the ice-cool menthol hits the back of your throat giving you that iced out double duo of fruit and mint on the exhale.

Lychee Ice

Savory lychee nectar with the delightful blast of menthol here for your daily dose of heaven in a device. Indulge your tongue in a pool of flavorsome lychee on the inhale, while the frosty droplets of mint will leave your throat and tongue-tingling after every hint along with the precious aftertaste of lychee to make the experience ten times more enticing.

Melon Ice

A mixing pot of a scrumptious blend of melons is here to drive your taste buds absolutely mad for more. Each hit brings in a fusion of sweet, velvety, and chilled melons during the inhale and exhale sending chills from your mouth down to your spine.

Peach Ice

One of the most favorite fruits on this planet has now been recreated into your new favorite vape juice. On the inhale divine peach is immediately taking action marching through your mouth drenching it in this lip-smacking fruit. As you exhale the chilling effects of menthol will drag along right with the peach giving you nothing but double trouble.

Strawberry Ice

Dip your tongue in nothing but succulent frozen strawberry as this flavor combusts right onto your taste buds showering it in a delicious mist that you’ll never want to forget. On the inhale is that authentic taste of strawberry dancing its way along with your tongue. As a snow slide rushes in on the exhale easing your cravings of both something sweet and something cold.

Puff Count: 300 Puffs

Milliliter: 1ML

Nicotine Strength: 50mg

Nicotine Type: Salt Nicotine

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