Peak Dab Rig by Puffco

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Product Description Peak Dab Rig by PuffcoPuffco Peak Electric Dab Rig ReviewThrusting itself into the world of concentrate consumption back as early ..

Product Description

Peak Dab Rig by Puffco

Puffco Peak Electric Dab Rig Review

Thrusting itself into the world of concentrate consumption back as early as 2013, CEO Roger Volodarsky knew it had something incredible when it created the Peak Dab Rig. It used a disciplined designed, incorporated technology, and engineered a smart rig that ultimately unlocks the power of concentrates. The Peak Dab Rig by Puffco delivers remarkable potency, incredible flavor, and mindblowing effects from any concentrate it’s paired with. If you’re hunting for the best dab rig, need not hunt anymore.

The Puffco Peak Dab Rig is truly a work of art for those looking for a smart rig. It replaces the traditional torch and rig system by utilizing technology, yet still maintaining both the quality and experience you know and love, except enjoying the experience faster and easier without a learning curve. At the end of the day, you’re left with a dab rig that is electric, allows you to easily load your concentrates, press a single button to activate it, and merely 20-seconds later you’re experiencing perfection to the highest degree.

The smart dab rig has been engineered to boast an integrated battery that offers a fast charge time of just two hours. When fully charged, you can expect upwards of 30-dab average battery life, ensuring that you can enjoy longer and more sessions than ever before. With a 20-second average heat up time, intelligent temperature calibration, 4 unique user heat settings, sesh-mode functionality, and haptic feedback, you can expect nothing but greatness from this quality made smart dab rig. It’s constructed using durable materials and hand-blown borosilicate glass and offers water filtration. It has a removable ceramic bowl to make the experience even easier, and its appearance is top-notch due to the LED light band. The base of the device uses rugged silicone and has been designed to be portable, although it isn’t a portable system. It stands just 7-inches tall and the base is just 2.75-inches wide.

To make the experience complete, a carb cap, extra bowl, supercharger, and loading tool has been included in the package. You’ll have that the Peak Dab Rug by Puffco has the most intuitive design and ultimately looks and performs as an industry-leading concentrate vaporizer. If you’re new to dabbing or you’ve become a seasoned vet, you’ll come to realize that skipping the torch setup and moving straight to the smart Peak Dab Rig is the way to go, as it delivers the most enjoyable experience, it’s faster, and easier since there is no hectic learning curve.

Puffco Peak Product Features and Specifications

  • Hand-blown borosilicate glass
  • Durable silicon base
  • 4 unique heat settings
  • Water filtration
  • 20 second heat up time
  • Sesh-mode functionality
  • Intelligent temperature calibration
  • 2 hour charge time; 30 dab hits per charge
  • Led Battery light and haptic feedback

Puffco Peak Product Includes

  • Puffco Peak Electric Dab Rig
  • Carb Cap
  • Tether
  • 2 removable ceramic bowls
  • Supercharger with charging cable
  • Loading tools
  • Cleaning swabs
  • Carrying case

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