Sour Menace E-liquid by Bubble Gang 100ml

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Product Description Bubble Gang Sour Menace Bubblegum 100mLSour Menace Vape Juice ReviewProviding you with the classic taste of green sour apple, if y..

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Product Description

Bubble Gang Sour Menace Bubblegum 100mL

Sour Menace Vape Juice Review

Providing you with the classic taste of green sour apple, if you haven’t tasted it already, you are going to instantly fall in love with perfectly crafted vape juice flavor. It offers the same juicy, tarty flavor you’ve come to know throughout your childhood, except now you will never have to worry about potential cavities. It’s a sweet bubbly vape treat you can enjoy anytime.

From the moment you open the Sour Menace Vape Juice bottle, you can smell and almost taste the green sour apple flavor oozing from the spout. Taking savory whiffs of the sweetness combined with tartness, and a hint of candy, this tasty vape flavor is pure out urging you to try it. Upon inhale, your mouth is bombarded by delicious tastes of green apple bubblegum, pulling along with its sour and candy notes that should send your taste buds into overload. As you exhale, the lingering resemblance of a sour green apple remains, just enough to keep you coming back for more. Loaded with flavor, Sour Menace Vape Juice is filled to the rim in a 100mL bottle. It is available in several nicotine levels to choose from, which consists of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strengths, giving you a variety of options to satisfy those nicotine cravings.

Since 2013, Bubble Gang has been flooding the industry with its fascinating bubblegum-inspired flavors. This Las Vegas, Nevada-based brand has become one of the most popular brands on the market, and a sure choice for thousands of vapers around the world. It offers a range of flavors, from tasty grape bubblegum to watermelon bubblegum, there is definitely a flavor for every taste you have. The brand was first created, developed, and manufactured by one of the industry’s largest brands known for creating premium vape juice, Okami. It is home to several brands under its umbrella, including Rocket Punch, Legacy, OMNI Disposables, and our favorite, Bubble Gang. To this day, it remains as some of the best vape juice on the market.

Bubble Gang Sour Menace Vape Juice is by far one of the best flavors available. It has become a favorite for many, and we’re certain if you give it a chance, it will become one of your all-time favorites as well.

Flavor Profile: Green Apple, Bubblegum, Candy

Bottle Size: 100mL

VG/PG: 70/30

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