Wulf Next Dry Herb Vaporizer by Wulf Mods

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Product Description Wulf Next Dry Herb Vaporizer by Wulf ModsWulf Next Dry Herb Vaporizer ReviewBuilding an empire of innovative vaping products, the ..

Product Description

Wulf Next Dry Herb Vaporizer by Wulf Mods

Wulf Next Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

Building an empire of innovative vaping products, the Wulf Next Dry Herb Vaporizer by Wulf Mods is a  product that is certainly leading the way forward and increasing the value of the brands extensive arsenal of products. Boasting a profound performance and next-level portability, you won't find another dry herb vaporizer that deliver at every angle.

What is the Wulf Next Dry Herb Vaporizer? The Wulf Next Dry Herb Vaporizer by Wulf Mods is an exceptional vaping device that is super sleek, compact, lightweight, yet incredibly enjoyable to use. The device has a small footprint of just 4-inches tall, it's constructed of a solid group of materials that provides extraordinary durability, and it is a comfortable device to hold and use, making it the perfect tag-along companion. Sporting a comfortable magnetic mouthpiece, a single push-button, and an LED indicator light to display in occurrence to the temperature level. You can expect an integrated rechargeable battery, fast USB Type-C charging, and haptic feedback to deliver the full experience. With a 30-second heat up time and 5 different temperature settings that range from 356F to 428F, the performance is at an all-time high. To load the device with your favorite dry herbs, it is as simple as removing the mouthpiece, then loading your herbs loosely in the chamber, then reattaching the mouthpiece.

The Wulf Mods brand is a significant part of the alternative products market. It has gained immense popularity since its launch in 2011. The Southern California brand has been at the forefront of the market, creating innovative and game-changing vapor products throughout the entire vaping industry. Helping assist users all around the world to enjoy their dry herbs, oils, and concentrates, you'll never find another brand that delivers so well. With a whole arsenal of products to choose from, there isn't a great brand to turn to than one of the industry's most reputable vape brands, Wulf Mods.

Whether you're looking to experience a whole new way to enjoy your dry herbs or you're stepping up your game to get to use the latest and greatest vaporizer, the Wulf Next Dry Herb Vaporizer by Wulf Mods is what you'll want to add to your collection.

Wulf Next Dry Herb Vaporizer Features and Specifications

  • Compact and Portable Design
  • Only 4-Inches Tall
  • Lightweight and Easy To Use
  • Available In A Variety of Colors
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Magnetic Mouthpiece
  • Integrated Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Type-C Charging
  • 30-Second Heat Up Time
  • 5 Temperature Settings
  • LED Temp Level Indicator

What's In The Box

  • 1 Wulf Next Vaporizer
  • 2 Screens
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Cleaning Tool
  • 1 USB Type-C Charging Cable

For legal dry herbs only.

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