Hyde Mag RECHARGE Disposable Vape 4500 Puffs

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Product Description Hyde Mag RECHARGE Disposable Vape 4500 PuffsIntroducing yet another innovative device to its already fascinating arsenal of dispos..

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Product Description

Hyde Mag RECHARGE Disposable Vape 4500 Puffs

Introducing yet another innovative device to its already fascinating arsenal of disposable vapes, Hyde has once again proven why it's topping the leaderboard when it comes to disposables. The Hyde Mag RECHARGE Disposable Vape is the latest and greatest to hit the market, and its highly appealing design isn't all that it has to offer.

What are Hyde Mag RECHARGE Disposables? The Hyde Mag RECHARGE Disposable Vape is a newly introduced premium disposable vaping device that is super sleek, portable, and ultra-compact. The device boasts the classic "mag" design and shape, which is made to resemble the magazine portion of a gun. Despite the good looks, the device features an integrated 400mAh rechargeable battery and a massive 10mL vape juice capacity using 5% (50mg) salt nicotine, which will yield upwards of 4500 puffs per device. To add to this already amazing offering of a device, the Hyde Mag Disposable Vape comes with a huge variety of delicious flavors, which range from the most delicious fruits to the most luscious dessert blends.

Hyde is continuing to dominate the market with its amazing collection of disposable vapes, and from the looks of it, it doesn't seem to be slowing down anywhere in the near future. With yet another release, we're stunned by the level of design that went into the Hyde Mag, the features that it offers, and the incredibly crafted flavors that are available in each of them.

Hyde Mag RECHARGE Disposable Vape Flavor Review

Banana Pineapple Cantaloupe

Sharing a satisfying flavor with each puff that you take, you'll find that there isn't another vape juice more delicious. It combines a mix of bananas, pineapples, and cantaloupe, presenting an all-day vape.

Blue Razz Clouds

Boasting a magnificent flavor, you wouldn't believe the taste that this blend offers. It is a classic flavor of blue raspberry, giving you the perfect taste you've always craved. It's a sweet, smooth, and enjoyable vape.

Blue Razz Ice

Cooling your airways with each puff, this refreshing and tasty flavor consists of blue raspberry and menthol. It delivers a refreshingly chilling experience that bombards your tastes with loads of incredible flavor.

Coconut Crumble

If you're searching for a flavor that will fulfill your mouth with the most deliciously-tasting flavor, this is definitely what you'll want. It recreates the taste of a coconut cake, presenting that authentic taste you love.

Fresh Vanilla

Delivering a smooth and satisfying flavor from beginning to end, this recreated blend is just what you've been hoping for. It is a delicious vanilla flavor that will bombard your tastes and leave you satisfied.

Fruit Punch

Offering up an amazing concoction of flavors, this is just the vape flavor you'll want to try. It is a delicious blend of fruits that all come together to create one of the best vapes you've ever tried.

Lemon Ice Cream

Coating your mouth with the most flavorsome tastes, you wouldn't believe the experience this vape has to offer. It offers a mix of lemon flavor and vanilla ice cream, giving you an extraordinary vape from beginning to end.

Mandarin Lime

If you are looking for the most satisfying duo of flavors, you've found it with this stellar vape. It uses a pairing that brings together citrusy mandarin orange and a sour lime flavor, giving you another all-day vape to add to your collection.

Mango Peach Apricot

Delivering yet another blissful experience, this is one of those flavors that you cannot get enough of. The trio of flavors consists of mangoes, peaches, and apricots, which will surely become one of your favorites.

Mango Peaches & Cream

Presenting a luscious flavor experience, this is a vape that you'll want to taste over and over. It combines a nice and flavorsome vape that uses mangoes, peaches, and vanilla cream, leaving you with an awesome taste.


Giving you all of the flavor that you can handle, this delicious vape is just what you'll want. It offers up the taste of peach, including all of the luscious, juicy peach flavor, and nothing more. It's the perfect vape you'll want to taste over and over.

Peach Ice Cream

The best vaping experience is one that brings together perfectly complimented flavors with one another. It blends together the juiciest peaches and a sweet vanilla ice cream, delivering a soothing taste.

Peach Lemon

Boasting a magical flavor experience, you wouldn't believe the taste that happens with these two. It is a mixture of juicy peaches and citrusy lemon flavor, giving you the perfect duo flavor.

Philippine Mango

Coating your taste buds with an awesome collection of flavors, there isn't another flavor more satisfying than this one. It is a mango flavor that will go down in history as one of your all-time favorites.


Slathering your mouth with a layer of rainbow candy flavors, this is one vape that you won't want to pass up. This incredible flavor fills your airways and leaves you with a delicious taste that lingers with sweet candy.

Raspberry Watermelon

Giving you all of the flavor that you can handle, you are going to love this bombardment of tasty raspberries and mouthwatering watermelons, which will become one of your favorite vapes.

Red Apple

If you are searching for yet another all-day vape to add to your collection, this is definitely the flavor to go for. It is a recreated red apple flavor that delivers an authentic taste.

Sour Apple Ice

Whether you're looking for another flavor to add to your collection or you just need a different taste so things don't become too stagnant, this blend of sour green apples and menthol is just what you need.

Strawberry B-Day

Boasting the most flavorsome experience, you are going to love this magical vape. It brings together the delicious taste of juicy red strawberries and the perfectly recreated taste of birthday cake.

Strawberry Ice

Loading your mouth with tons of great flavor, you will love this refreshing and tasty vape juice. It is a pairing of red strawberries and a bone-chilling mixture of menthol, leaving a truly refreshing vape.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Offering the most amazing taste from beginning to end, you'll never get enough of this blend of strawberry ice cream. It recreates that classic taste, bringing you both juicy strawberry flavor and vanilla ice cream flavor.

Strawberry Lemon Lime

Lining your mouth with loads of delicious flavor, this vape flavor combines just the right mix. It consists of sweet strawberries, citrusy lemon, and sour lime, giving you an awesome flavor experience.


Creating an all-day vaping experience that you'll easily come to appreciate, this vape is the perfect mix of tropical fruits and a candy gummy flavor, leaving you with a lingering vape that you would love.

Watermelon Ice Cream

Bringing you an outstanding pairing of flavors, this is the flavor that you don't want to pass up. It combines a delicious mouthwatering watermelon and a soothing vanilla ice cream, making for the perfect vape.

Puff Count: 4500 Puffs

Milliliter: 10ML

Nicotine Strength: 50mg

Nicotine Type: Salt Nicotine

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