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Product Description Hyppe Max Flow (3000 Puff) & DUO Disposable VapeDelivering good looks, a delicious assortment of flavors, the finest quality, and ..

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Product Description

Hyppe Max Flow (3000 Puff) & DUO Disposable Vape

Delivering good looks, a delicious assortment of flavors, the finest quality, and a large capacity that will allow several sessions, there is nothing quite enjoyable as the Hyppe Max Flow Disposable Vape. This disposable device is designed to provide ultimate satisfaction, and that can stem from its large capacity to features like its bottom airflow control ring that allows you to fine-tune your vaping experience. In the world of disposable vaping devices, it simply doesn't get any better than the all-new Hyppe Max Flow Disposable Vape.

What is the Hyppe Max Flow Disposable Vape? The Hyppe Max Flow Disposable is a vaping device that provides extraordinary convenience, portability, and performance while maintaining the most fascinating vape juice flavor experience. The device features a cylindrical shape, which is home to an integrated 900mAh battery that comes pre-charged and ready for use. It also comes equipped with a large 6mL vape juice capacity using 50mg salt nicotine, which totals approximately 2000 puffs per pod. The Hyppe Max Flow Disposable features a draw-activated firing mechanism to provide effortless vaping and boasts a bottom airflow control ring so that you can fine-tune your vaping experience to balance the flavor and vapor to your own preference.

Hyppe Max Flow Tank Disposable Vape

The Hyppe Max Flow Tank Disposable Vape is an amazing addition to the Max Flow collection. It has all of the same great features as the original Max Flow Disposable, offering durability, performance, and convenience. Continuously evolving, the new Hyppe Max Flow Tank comes with an integrated 1000mAh battery, an 8mL vape juice capacity using 50mg salt nicotine, and can provide upwards of 3000 puffs per device. It also boasts adjustable airflow control, allowing you to further fine-tune your vape to ensure you get the most satisfaction.

Hyppe Max Flow Duo Disposable Vape

The Hyppe Max Flow Duo Disposable Vape is definitely one you didn't expect to release. The creators behind the Hyppe Max Flow brand have come out with a new twist on flavors, combining many of its most popular flavors with one another to create a new and exciting vaping experience. There are two separate flavors in each device, which can be selected by using a switch. All of the features you enjoyed over the past are there, such as the 1000mAh battery and adjustable airflow, yet it has a 6mL vape juice capacity using 50mg salt nicotine and can offer you a 2500 puff count per device.

Hyppe Max Flow Disposable Vape Flavor Review

Raspberry Watermelon

Raspberry Watermelon brings together two delicious flavors into one, providing an overwhelming blend that is sure to captivate your taste buds and leave your tastes dazzled and ready for more. These two have the power to thrill your tastes and keep you coming back for more.

Guava Freeze

Guava Freeze is a delightful flavorsome experience that combines the taste of guava with a perfect ratio of menthol. The two flavors combine with one another to create an extraordinary taste that is not only delicious but very refreshing as well.

Chewy Watermelon

Chewy Watermelon creates a tasty vape with every puff that you take. It is an outstanding blend of flavors that makes for a super chewy watermelon flavor. From the first puff to the very last, you will be amazed by the wonderful flavor experience that will easily satisfy you and your tastes.

Strawberry Apple Watermelon

Strawberry Apple Watermelon is just what you would expect from this trio, combining a juicy strawberry flavor with a crisp apple flavor, and a mouthwatering watermelon flavor. These three come together as one to create yet another all-day vape that you just can't live without.

Watermelon Peach Pear

Watermelon Peach Pear is another trio that is irresistibly delicious. This threesome of flavors consists of a mouthwatering watermelon that blends perfectly with a juicy peach and pear combination. It presents a fabulous vape from the beginning to the very end.

Lush Freeze

Lush Freeze is an outstanding watermelon-flavored vape juice that brings together its exciting and juicy taste with the perfect blend of menthol. This exciting flavor will be sure to thrill your tastes, keep you satisfied, and continue to linger so that you revisit it time and time again.

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana is a classic flavor combination that many of you may have experienced before. It's when you blend the juicy taste of strawberries with the unique and creamy taste of bananas together as one. With the first inhale, you will be amazed by how good it is.

Mighty Mint

Mighty Mint is yet another classic, offering the taste of mint. It is a flavor that is universally loved and has become a staple when it comes to vape juice. The mint flavor provides a truly refreshing, mentholated experience that is sure to satisfy your tastes.

Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade is a fascinating flavor concoction that acts as the perfect duo of flavors. It blends together a juicy sweet strawberry flavor with a citrusy lemonade, giving you the perfect two flavors to quench your tastes and leave you begging for more.

Peach Freeze

Peach Freeze is a remarkable blend of flavors that you will absolutely love. The flavors are incredible, tieing together the juicy flavor of peaches with a refreshingly cool dose of menthol flavor. These two work perfectly with one another, leaving your tastes dazzled and ready for more.

Banana Freeze

Banana Freeze presents a remarkable flavor experience that you won't soon forget. It consists of a delicious banana flavor that is super sweet and creamy, blending perfectly with a high dose of menthol to deliver a refreshingly cool vape that is sure to thrill your tastes.

Cola Freeze

Cola Freeze provides a flavor that offers the authentic taste of a glass of ice-cold cola. The flavor is super complex, yet you would think it's just another cola added to your day to provide that same refreshing taste you've known and loved throughout the years.

Guava Pineapple Orange

Guava Pineapple Orange is a brilliantly concocted vape juice that brings together delicious guava, pineapple, and orange flavor. The trio blends with one another to create the most satisfying flavorsome vape experience, leaving you excited about the next session.

Guava Strawberry

Guava Strawberry is a tasty treat of a flavor to add to your days. This splendid flavor offers a super satisfying taste that we just know many of you will appreciate. It consists of guava and strawberry flavors, providing that sweet and exotic flavor that goes well with one another to share yet another all-day-vape experience.

Kiwi Strawberry

Kiwi Strawberry is an exciting vape juice blend that you may be familiar with. This isn't the first time kiwi and strawberry flavor have come together, and certainly won't be the last. These tastes just come together and work well with one another, giving you a remarkably crafted flavor experience.

Gummy Teddy

Gummy Teddy offers a thrilling flavor that will remind you of your favorite gummy candy. It's sweet and sugary and provides that age-old taste that you'll always remember. If you're looking for a gummy-flavored vape, there is nothing better than this.

Aloe Grape

Aloe Grape is quite the odd combination of flavors but when these two come together as one, it is the most incredible vape. Just imagine the unique and bitter taste of aloe, which blends with the tastiest grapes. From the first puff to the last, you will be in amazement.


Naked is a brilliant flavor experience that will have your head in the clouds. It is a quality taste from beginning to end, leaving your tastes satisfied, yet eager to experience more of the amazing taste.

Aloe Orange

Aloe Orange is a crazy unique flavor that you simply wouldn't expect to taste so fascinating. With this flavor, you will experience the bitter taste of a unique aloe flavor, which combines with a citrusy orange flavor. The duo is remarkably delicious when they come together.

Strawberry Freeze

Strawberry Freeze features an exciting vape juice blend that brings together two incredible flavors. You will enjoy a tasty combination of juicy sweet strawberries and frigid menthol to keep your mouth remarkably refreshed every time that you take a puff.

Blue Gummy

Blue Gummy is an exciting candied gummy flavor that will bring you back to the days where calories and tons of sugar weren't a problem. Now you can enjoy the sweet, sugar gummy taste anytime with an addition of blue raspberry gummy flavor. It's a truly flavorsome vape.

Strawberry Gummy

Strawberry Gummy offers a duo of flavors that just keeps getting better every time you take a puff. With this marvelous vape juice blend that offers thrilling tastes, you will experience a delicious gummy flavor with the addition of strawberry candy. It is a vape you won't want to miss out on.

Red Apple Guava

Red Apple Guava offers a stunning taste by bringing together a combination of two delicious flavors. Ut uses a crisp and delicious red apple and blends it with an excitingly exotic guava flavor, creating a vaping experience that will leave you only wanting more.

Red Energy

Red Energy is just what you're thinking, a delicious vape juice that best represents that energy drink that everyone knows and loves. Slaughter those taste buds and quench your thirst for one of the most popular vapes in the world. Try it, it's a flavor that gives you wings.

Puff Count: 2000 - 3000 Puffs

Milliliter: 6ML - 8ML

Nicotine Strength: 50mg

Nicotine Type: Salt Nicotine

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