Loaded Banana Disposable Vape 2500 Puffs

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Product Description Loaded Banana Disposable Vape 2500 PuffsLoaded E-Juice isn't monkeying around when they released this incredible collection of dis..

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Product Description

Loaded Banana Disposable Vape 2500 Puffs

Loaded E-Juice isn't monkeying around when they released this incredible collection of disposable vapes. The Loaded Banana Disposable Vape is a line-up of perfectly created devices that offer the best vaping experience by delivering three amazing banana flavors infused with a satisfying mix of tobacco free nicotine.

What are Loaded Banana Disposables? The Loaded Banana Disposable Vape is a device that features a disposable design, arriving pre-filled, pre-charged, and requires no maintenance whatsoever. The Loaded Banana Disposables are incredibly compact, feature an appearance that mimics the look of a banana to tie in with its theme of flavors and deliver an extraordinary puff count.

With just three tastes, fans of banana flavors can now explore all of that delicious taste anytime, and it's available in three tasty options to choose from.

Loaded Banana Disposable Vape Flavor Review

Mango Banana Ice

Go bananas with this fabulous flavor creation that brings you an outstanding symphony of tastes using a complex mixture of tropical mango, ripe banana, and menthol flavors. It is a banana flavor that will have you and your tastes thoroughly pleased.

Banana Ice

There wasn't any monkeying around with this blend, as it delivers a straightforward blend of delicious ripe bananas and a bone-chilling addition of menthol, creating a refreshing banana vape that will go down as a favorite.

Strawberry Banana Ice

You'll be dancing around like a chimp when your tastes are bombarded by a thick coating of ruby red strawberries, the ripest bananas, and the coolest menthol finish. It leaves you with a flavorsome taste that will continue to linger.

Puff Count: N/A

Milliliter: N/A

Nicotine Strength: 50mg

Nicotine Type: Tobacco Free Nicotine

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