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Product Description Steam Engine BIG DisposableBringing quality to the forefront of the disposable vape pod category, Steam Engine has created a newly..

Product Description

Steam Engine BIG Disposable

Bringing quality to the forefront of the disposable vape pod category, Steam Engine has created a newly developed disposable device, referred to as the Steam Engine BIG Disposable, that utilizes Tobacco Free Nicotine, which is synthetic nicotine salt. When combining remarkable ingredients with an incredible collection of flavors, plus a large capacity to enjoy the device even longer, at this point you're simply being spoiled.

The BIG Disposable by Steam Engine is one of the latest disposable vapes to hit the market. It is newly created and developed by Steam Engine, which is a brand that has produced some of the industry's most popular disposable devices, vaping devices, and alternative products. To add to its collection, it has recently released the BIG Disposable Vape Pod, which comes in a range of flavors and uses a 4% (40mg) synthetic nicotine salt (Tobacco Free Nicotine). The device has a dazzling appearance, boasts a slim cylindrical shape, and offers a large 3.2mL vape juice capacity that will provide upwards of 800 puffs. The BIG Disposable comes with a built-in 550mAh battery and delivers a masterful performance that involves a smooth yet wholesome draw and dense vapor production.

Steam Engine BIG Disposable Review

Cool Mint

Cool Mint provides a rush of refreshing flavor that we're sure any flavor connoisseur will enjoy. This mouthwatering blend offers an ice-cold taste of sweet mint flavor. Your senses will be opened, your taste buds will be satisfied, and you will be on top of the world with this brilliantly crafted concoction.

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana delivers a fascinating blend that is definitely an all-day-vape. It mixes together with a satisfying blend of strawberries and bananas, creating a delicious treat designed for your taste buds. It is an amazing flavor from beginning to end, and the duo perfectly balances themselves, creating another favorite to add to your collection.


Tobacco is about as blunt of a name as it gets, as this tasty vape is all about the pure and classic taste of tobacco. It recreates the original flavor like you would have never imagined. If you are a fan of tobacco flavors and enjoy that smooth and unique, yet almost overbearing flavor of tobacco, you will most certainly like this tobacco blend by Steam Engine.

Frozen Banana

Frozen Banana is a thrilling vape juice blend that is sure to keep your senses open and your taste buds excited with every puff you take. It is a true banana flavor that comes with a bone-chilling twist of menthol to create an icy cold experience that is delicious from beginning to end.

Frozen Lush

Frozen Lush is a stellar vape juice blend that combines the refreshing taste of fruity flavor through and through. It is a nice watermelon flavor that is awakened with a hefty dose of menthol to create the classic taste of a lush ice vape blend. It is a flavor that is known throughout the industry, and Steam Engine has created it flawlessly.

Frozen Strawberry Banana

Frozen Strawberry Banana is an incredible all-day-vape that we're sure you will want to keep experiencing over and over. It utilizes its original Strawberry Banana blend, then adds in a twist of ice-cold menthol, creating a Frozen Strawberry Banana that will go down in your vaping journey as being one of the best.

Frozen Guava

Frozen Guava is just the flavor your taste buds have been craving. It is a delectable vape blend that combines the unique and fruity taste of guava and mixes it perfectly with just the right amount of menthol, creating a delicious guava vape juice that will leave you refreshed and satisfied.

Frozen Mango

Frozen Mango is an outstanding flavor to enjoy any time of the day, as it offers a deliciously crafted vaping experience that can easily become an all-time favorite. It uses a mesmerizing blend of ripe juicy mangoes and a wholesome addition of menthol to create a super refreshing and cool mango vape.

Frozen Tangerine

Frozen Tangerine isn't your ordinary vape flavor. It is a unique vape juice that tastes extremely delicious and does nothing short of exciting your taste buds. It blends together a mix of tasty tangerine with a teeth-chattering dose of menthol. It is a cool and tasty vape we're sure you will fall in love with from the first puff.

 If you are looking for a solid device that uses quality Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN), the BIG Disposable by Steam Engine is definitely a solid choice. It offers a large capacity, plenty of power, and an incredible range of flavor options that are sure to please.

Puff Count: 800 Puffs

Milliliter: 3.2ML

Nicotine Strength: 40mg

Nicotine Type: Tobacco Free Nicotine

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