Lush Dual & Flow Disposable Vape

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Product Description Lush Dual (2500 Puff) & Flow (1500 Puff) Disposable VapePainting your mouth with a beautiful rainbow of flavors, there is nothing ..

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Product Description

Lush Dual (2500 Puff) & Flow (1500 Puff) Disposable Vape

Painting your mouth with a beautiful rainbow of flavors, there is nothing more pleasing than the newly introduced duo, the Lush Dual Disposable Vape, and the Lush Flow Disposable Vape. These devices have a disposable design, they're well constructed to handle any mishaps, they offer a great capacity, and come blistered with magnificent tastes. If you are scouring the web for a new, convenient, and satisfying vape to add to your collection, you've found just the right place.

Lush Dual Disposable Vape Review

The Lush Dual Disposable Vape provides quite the experience from beginning to end. The device offers a new flavor with just a flip of the switch, and that's only just one of the many great features of this amazing vaping device. It is built with incredible quality, lasting you throughout those accidental drops. It is extremely compact and lightweight, allowing you to be more mobile and stow the device away easily when not in use. Despite the compact design it offers, it manages to provide a large 1200mAh integrated battery and sports a massive 8mL vape juice capacity using 50mg salt nicotine. The result? 2500 puffs per device to ensure longer-lasting sessions. The most notable feature of this device is the switch that allows you to switch from each flavor. The device comes in 2 flavors and you can switch between both of them. Each compartment offers a 4mL vape juice capacity, giving you 1250 puffs per flavor.

Lush Flow Disposable Vape Review

The Lush Flow Disposable Vape promises to give you a thrilling vape from the moment you wrap your lips around its mouthpiece. This incredible disposable vaping device not only provides a compact design but it's also very lightweight, making it extremely portable. Though it isn't as large as some disposable devices, it manages to house a 900mAh battery and a 6mL vape juice capacity using 50mg salt nicotine. You can expect as many as 1500 puffs per device. Some of its most notable features include adjustable airflow control to let you fine-tune your vaping experience and balance flavor and vapor, a draw-activated firing mechanism, and an anti-leak design, making sure that the time you have with the device is perfected in every way. There are 13 flavors to choose from, all of which provide the most extraordinary tastes.

Lush Dual & Flow Disposable Flavors Review

Blue Raspberry / Lemonade

The perfect mix of flavors comes together in this dual-action vape to provide the most remarkable taste. Go from enjoying a tarty blue raspberry flavor that hits all of the right notes to a zesty lemonade flavor that will thrill your tastes and leave you thoroughly refreshed.

Cherry Lemonade / Double Berry

Embark on a flavorsome journey as you switch between two remarkable tastes. This fascinating pairing of flavors will leave you amazingly impressed. Taste a classic cherry lemonade flavor or switch to a delightful blend of berries. It is two different flavor profiles that we know you'll be satisfied with.

Menthol / Watermelon

When you aren't in the mood for menthol flavor, it's as easy as switching over to the universally loved taste of watermelon. Combine them together to create a lush ice flavor by puffing on watermelon, then immediately switching to puff on that cool and refreshing taste of menthol.

Orange / Green Apple

Make the most out of this duo of flavors by continuously switching between the two to generate the most flavorsome vape you've experienced yet. This fascinating treat will delight your taste buds with a citrusy orange flavor or give you the tartiness you crave from the green apple flavor.

Strawberry / Watermelon

Satisfy your taste buds in every way possible by offering this amazing duo of flavors that you can switch between over and over. It is the simple fruit flavors that will always be your go-to and now you can enjoy them back to back with a flip of a switch. Go from luscious strawberries to mouthwatering watermelons in an instant.

Apple Strawberry Sour Belt / Mango

Dive deep into this world of flavors where you have the option to easily switch from one popular flavor to the next. You can enjoy the complex taste of apple strawberry sour belt in this roundup of flavors or switch to a simple mango flavor for a more subtle and direct experience.

Banana Funnel Cake / Strawberry Ice Cream

Serving up a perfect duo of flavors to switch between, there is nothing more pleasing, more complex, and more unique than this exceptional offering of flavors. These two provide an incredible layer of tastes that we know you'll love. Switch from a banana funnel cake to a strawberry ice cream flavor in seconds.

White Grape Guava / Watermelon

Satisfy all of your cravings by providing your tastes with an exceptional blend of flavors to switch between. Enjoy an intricately crafted blend of white grape guava or enjoy the classic taste of a mouthwatering watermelon flavor. Ensure that your tastes are a priority with these two amazing vape juices.

Blue Slushie Ice / Cotton Candy Ice

Bombard your taste buds with this amazing duo of flavors that you'll find exceptionally delicious. It is a fantastic blend of flavors that will surely leave your airways filled with the most remarkable tastes. Go from cool blue slushie ice to cotton candy ice instantly.

Banana Ice

Dazzle your tastes with an incredible mix of flavors that will leave you absolutely amazed from just the first puff. This fascinating concoction is all about the taste of bananas. It is enhanced by combining an ice-cold mix of menthol to recreate a banana popsicle.

Cool Mint

Splurge in the cool and refreshing taste of mint flavor. It is a light, crisp, and refreshing taste that has become an all-time classic, easily becoming anyone's favorite. This cool mint flavor is definitely one that you will add to your list of the best vape flavors. Enjoy the flavor of mint with every puff.

Dragonfruit Mango

Blistering with the most amazing taste you've ever encountered, this awesome mixture will surely go down as one of your best vapes yet. It is a delicious mix of exotic dragonfruit flavor and combines perfectly with tropical mangoes. With each puff, your tastes will thank you.

Filipino Mango

There is nothing more satisfying than this unique Filipino mango flavor that everyone has come to love and enjoy. It is one of those flavors that presents a taste you cannot forget. Every puff is one that you will want to relive over and over, leaving you with a constant craving.

Guava Ice

Pleasing you from start to finish, you'll find that this exotic blend of guavas mixed with menthol is the best way to stop any cravings you may have. It is a mouthwatering vape that will thrill and chill your tastes and leaves you with a lingering flavor that you can't get enough of.

Honeydew Lemon Ice

There isn't anything on the market quite like this remarkable blend of flavors that you'll find yourself coming back to every time. It is a complex blend, boasting the delicious tastes of honeydew melon, zesty lemons, and an ice-cold menthol flavor that will leave you refreshed.

Lychee Peach Ice

Enjoy this tasty profile of flavors that leaves you thoroughly pleased from beginning to end. It is a remarkable concoction of flavors, using an exotic lychee flavor, juicy peach flavor, and cool ice. It is a refreshing flavor that will definitely become one of your all-time favorite vapes.

Lychee Strawberry Ice

If you are ever in the mood for a really complex flavor to soothe your tastes and leave you satisfied from start to finish, this amazing mix will surely act as the solution. It is an awesome mixture of lychees, strawberries, and finishes with a bone-chilling menthol flavor that leaves your tastes excited.

Lychee Watermelon Ice

There is nothing greater than the amazing taste of this very complex offering of flavors. It is a tasty blend that combines three pleasing flavors into one, leaving your taste buds in flavorsome heaven. It combines lychees, mouthwatering watermelons, and an ice-cold menthol finish.

Strawberry Hibiscus

Enjoy a satisfying blend of flavors that could potentially become one of your new favorites. This dazzling mix of flavors consists of juicy strawberries and the exotic taste of hibiscus. It is an extraordinary flavor that you will vape on continuously, becoming your next all-day vape.

Watermelon Ice

If you've ever wanted to try one of the industry's most popular flavor profiles, you've found just the blend in this one. It is a tasty vape that consists of mouthwatering watermelons and the cool taste of menthol. It is a refreshingly delicious vape that we just know you'll love.

White Grape Ice

Bombard your taste buds and overtake your airways with this exceptional blend of flavors that are one of the most complex complexes you've experienced yet. It delivers the most amazing flavor by bringing together the amazing mix of white grapes and menthol, creating a refreshing taste you cannot deny.

Vanilla Strawberry Custard

Splurge with the most amazing trio of flavors that will leave your mouth blistered with loads of spectacular tastes. It is a fascinating flavor, boasting a dazzling mix of vanilla, strawberry, and custard. It is a dessert blend that we absolutely love and know that you will love as well.

Candy White Peach Ice

Give your taste buds a gift by lathering them with this remarkably complex blend of flavors. This amazing vape juice blend is a candy white peach ice flavor, which hits all of the right notes. From the candied taste to the menthol finish, there is nothing more pleasing.

Strawberry Banana

Make the most out of each day by billowing in the satisfying taste of strawberries and bananas. It is a classic blend that everyone loves. This vape will definitely become one of your all-time favorites, leaving you thoroughly pleased from beginning to the very end.

Puff Count: 1500 - 2500 Puffs

Milliliter: 6ML - 8ML

Nicotine Strength: 50mg

Nicotine Type: Salt Nicotine

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