Elf Bar Crystal 2500 Disposable Vape

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Product Description Elf Bar Crystal 2500 Disposable VapeFurnishing an astonishing variety of thrilling flavors, there aren't many disposable vapes on ..

Product Description

Elf Bar Crystal 2500 Disposable Vape

Furnishing an astonishing variety of thrilling flavors, there aren't many disposable vapes on the market that quite compares to the newly introduced Elf Bar Crystal 2500 Disposable Vape. It delivers some of the most exciting flavors in a device that features bicolor injection and an LED indicator. It's the most satisfying vape on the market, delivers upwards of 2500 puffs and a whopping 5.5mL pre-filled pod capacity. Enjoy every last draw as you experience flavors that range from a deliciously sweet Candy flavor to a more complex Mango Peach Pineapple flavor. It may be clear as a gemstone but its tastes are as colorful as the rainbow.

Each Elf Bar Crystal Disposable Vape is capable of providing a solid 2500 puffs per unit. This is possible due to the 1000mAh built-in battery, which is capable of offering a solid performance output. The devices have a 5.5mL capacity pod, using pre-filled vape juice that comes in a nicotine strength of 5% (50mg), and as many as 12 wonderful flavors to choose from. The device boasts a unique square shape design that is both compact and very portable, making it extremely convenient to use. It is constructed using a bicolor injection, which makes it 'crystal' clear as a gemstone, a prominent visual the manufacturers were shooting for in the design process. An LED indicator light has been positioned towards the bottom of the device, which shines each time the device has been activated. Activation is a simple process with the Elf Bar Crystal, being that it features a draw-activated firing mechanism. Additionally, the Elf Bar Crystal 2500 Disposable vape comes pre-filled, pre-charged, and is completely disposable, making it one of the most convenient and user-friendly vaping devices on the market.

Elf Bar Crystal 2500 Disposable Flavors Review

Banana Ice

Recreating the magnificent taste of the classic banana popsicle, the Elf Bar Crystal Banana Ice Disposable Vape is certainly one that you'll want to pick up for yourself and experience. Its taste is spot-on, bringing together a candy-like banana flavor, which is combined with the perfect amount of menthol flavor.

Watermelon Ice

Ready your taste buds for a thrilling blend of flavors that truly offers a mouthwatering experience. This luscious blend of juicy watermelon flavor and cold-as-ice menthol flavor will definitely become one of your favorites after just one puff. If you enjoy the taste of watermelon and can't get enough of menthol vapes, this is the perfect flavor for you.


Lather yourself in a delicious wave of candy flavor each time you take a puff from the Elf Bar Crystal Candy Disposable Vape. It provides an extraordinary taste from beginning to end, leaving you with a lingering candy flavor that is perfect for those who have a severe sweet tooth.

Lychee Ice

Whether you're searching for something unique or simply crave the taste of lychee flavor, this tasty blend of exotic lychee flavor and bone-chilling menthol flavor will definitely do the trick. It is a remarkable concoction of flavors that we're excited for you to experience for yourself.

Blueberry Ice

Coating your taste buds with the most magnificent blue icy blend, there is nothing quite as mesmerizing as this special concoction that has been created. It sports a blistering flavor profile of tart blueberries and a frigid addition of menthol that you'll fall in love with every time you inhale.

Strawberry Apple Melon

Boasting a fascinating flavor with extraordinary complexity, this vape will definitely leave you puzzled if the names of the flavors weren't right in your face. The tasty profile of flavors brings together luscious strawberries, crisp apples, and a tropical melon flavor that will easily become an all-day vape.

Mango Ice

Gifting you with some of the most deliciously designed tastes, there is nothing near as flavorsome as the Elf Bar Crystal Mango Ice Disposable Vape. It offers a satisfying taste that features a tropical mango flavor, which is perfectly paired with an ice-cold addition of menthol, creating a cool and satisfying vape every time.

Pineapple Ice

Offering a remarkable vape every time you take a puff, we couldn't think of a better pairing than what the Elf bar Crystal Pineapple Ice Disposable Vape has to offer. This amazing blend of flavors consists of a tasty pineapple flavor and a freezingly delicious menthol, keeping your tastes always excited.

Mango Peach Pineapple

Adding another splendid blend of flavors into its collection, the Elf Bar Crystal Mango Peach Pineapple Disposable Vape is just what you need to send your day off in the right direction. This complex blend of mangoes, peaches, and pineapples will certainly become an all-time favorite.

Cherry Lemon Peach

Presenting a fascinating taste as a trio of flavors come together as one, you won't find another blend that is so flavorsome. The dynamic trio of flavors will definitely become a staple in your collection, as it promotes a delicious mix of cherries, lemons, and peaches that are sure to excite.

Strawberry Kiwi

Coating your taste buds with a delicious mix that simply works well with one another, there is no way you can deny the amazing taste that the Elf Bar Crystal Strawberry Kiwi Disposable Vape provides. It is a sure winner, boasting a perfect duo of flavors, which consists of strawberries and kiwis.

Apple Juice

Mustering up one of the crispest tastes you've encountered yet, this perfect recreation of apple juice provides quite a fascinating taste. It is the perfect blend to recreate that authentic apple juice flavor you've come to know and love.

Puff Count: 2500 Puffs

Milliliter: 5.5ML

Nicotine Strength: 50mg

Nicotine Salt Nicotine

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